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"His work appears bold and raw on the face of it, but when you look closely each piece contains a powerful message about worship in the world today."




London based.


Highly regarded in the street-art world, Endless is perhaps one of the most (in)famous street-artists today. Starting out using the walls of London as his canvas, Endless' reputation has risen to capture the attention of its residents, foreign visitors and the media alike.   


Provocative and radical on his creation, Endless tells a story of our world giving an honest and philosophical description of our surroundings exploring aspects of fashion, advertising and the filth of modern cultures. The narrative of the works are neither positive or negative in their outcome, letting the viewer explore the variety of hidden messages and interact with the playful and alluring opulent aesthetic.                    


The logo "CHAPEL" is often found in Endless' work from the Deities collection (a series of paintings showcasing the contrast between old and modern day symbols of worship), which is his own take on the iconic Chanel No5 perfume. The name change on the Endless bottle represents society's brand-obsessed culture shift in one word, 'Chapel' - a world where brands are the new deities; shops are the new churches, and celebrities, marketers and advertisers play the part of God. The gods in his works include industry legends like Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.                    


Endless became the first street artist to paint the Liberty London department store's main display window and front doors. He has been commissioned to redesign the walls of landmark Oxo Tower. His ‘Crotch Grab’ painting was digitalised in a video installation on the windows of the Flannel's flagship store on Oxford Street up until end of April 2019.


Endless was also the first artist to be commissioned to paint a street art mural in ski resort town Cortina, Italy. He performed a live art piece at the Christie’s Charity Art auction in Rome and at Mayfair Art Weekend in London in 2019.


The artist also made a mark into the world of fashion in 2019, collaborating with high profile brands like Karl Lagerfeld for the launch of their SS20 collections at Pitti Uomo and The Tribute to Karl: The White Shirt Project; and Fiorucci to launch a capsule collection of clothing and skateboard decks.  


Today, Endless continues to devote a large portion of time to art on the streets. But his most exclusive work can be found at Cris Contini Contemporary Gallery in London, as well as within the homes of the well-established.


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