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      Obala BB - Porto Montenegro  

      Elena Residences, Tivat 85320  - Montenegro
      Telephone: +382 69 916804
      Opening hours:

      Monday–Saturday 10:00 am – 11:00 pm

      Viber +382 69 916804 - criscontinicontemporary_mne


    Cris Contini Contemporary owns a unique structure as an international art gallery, offering an eclectic mix of styles and artworks that exemplifies its foremost dedication to the accessibility of art and the global communication it inspires. The deep passion for art of its founders Cristian Contini and Fulvio Granocchia gave life to an art gallery which aims of giving space to emerging and established artists and promoting them to a worldwide audience through an extensive private and public curated exhibition programme, art fairs and printed publications.
    With a gallery in Brooks Mews in Mayfair, London, a new opening in Montenegro and prestigious national and international collaborations, Cris Contini Contemporary is keeping expanding more and more reconfirming its great attention, not only to new international artistic trends, but also to their social and current appearance. Great interest is also put into environmental and sustainable projects, bringing awareness about the pollution problem with artists like David Begbie, who uses only recycled steel mesh for his sculptures, and many others that use canvases produced with renewable sources, without mentioning the social and cultural projects that the gallery sustains.
    Cris Contini Contemporary offers to collectors from all over the world the access to a multicultural portfolio of artists: from the great modern masters such as Pablo Picasso, Lucio Fontana, Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana, to the most popular contemporary artists, such as David Begbie, Endless, Teresa Emanuele, Antonio Freiles, Michelangelo Galliani, Ferruccio Gard, David Gioni Parra, Lorenzo Puglisi and many others, the gallery leads to the choice of the best proposals international art for the new enthusiasts and historical collectors.

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