10 August - 15 November 2021



After making strides in the contemporary art world with his renowned, stylistic works, ENDLESS arrives for the first time in Montenegro to tell his triumphant story. After graduating from art school, Endless started using the streets of London as his canvases, to express his ideas freely and share his work with a wider audience. The journey
from street-to-canvas has seen the artist’s reputation rise, with his work capturing the attention of the art world, renowned luxury fashion brands and the media alike. His most recent achievement made history, as Endless became the first Street Artist to join the prestigious collection of the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, Italy.

Represented exclusively by CRIS CONTINI CONTEMPORARY gallery, in Porto Montenegro and London, Endless continues to share his powerful messages though his thought-provoking artworks, exploring key elements of today’s society, including; fashion, advertising, consumerism, celebrity culture and Brand Worship - where the artist portrays fashion icons such as Cara Delevgine, Karl Lagerfeld, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss as the new Gods, shops are the new places of worship and magazines are the new bibles. Some of his most iconic pieces include ‘CHAPEL’ - where the world-famous Chanel No.5 perfume bottle shape takes on a new form and a new name, to represent the culture shift in a modern brand-obsessed world. His LIZZY VUITTON portrait depicts The Queen poking out her tongue in a designer shawl and his CROTCH GRAB artworks comment on
the advertising industry and the British punk movement.

The retrospective ENDLESS IN MONTENEGRO exhibition, from 10th August - 15th November 2021, will reveal the evolution of Endless - from the city streets, to canvases on the gallery walls. On the occasion of the Vernissage, the artist will entertain the guests with a live art performance, adding the finishing touches to a special new painting of QUEEN ELENA OF MONTENEGRO, in his iconic LIZZY VUITTON style.