Rosa Mundi


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"Art as such must be capable of overcoming any social, political and religious prejudice, in full respect of Man and Humanity"

(Rosa Mundi)


“L'arte in quanto tale deve essere capace di superare ogni pregiudizio sociale, politico e religioso, nel pieno rispetto dell'Uomo e dell'Umanità”

(Rosa Mundi)


Rosa Mundi is an artist's pseudonym. Born to coincide with the coordinates 5 ° 26'23 '' North 12 ° 19'55 '' East, Rosa Mundi lives between two sea islands and an island in a river. She attended courses in Painting, Sculpture, Choreography and History of Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, the Academie des Beaux Arts in Strasbourg, the Ecole Martenot in Paris. Introspective investigator of past and present civilizations, Rosa Mundi transposes real events of everyday life and human feeling into art, creating ad hoc scenarios and performances and then reinterpreting them, giving life to her personal Theater of the world. Rosa Mundi has developed her technique, dipping the brush in natural vegetable and organic pigments mixed with olive oil, egg and jellyfish extract. She has always preferred the use of recycled material, with the aim of giving it new life, operating a sort of metamorphosis. The works are characterized by a study on light and reflections. She is present in important permanent public and private collections including the Sicilian Region Contemporary Art Museum, Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam Municipality, Orestiadi Foundation, Mediterranean Trame Museum, Il Cedro Foundation, Genzini Collection, Aldo Cichero Design, CANIFF Chic & Cool Canadian, Wopart Exibition Work, Palazzo Marchetti, International Ati Yoga Foundation, ABI - Italian Banks Association. She has participated in numerous international exhibitions including PAW Palermo Art Week End at Palazzo Mazzarino Berlingeri in 2021, Wopart Exibition Work in Lugano in 2021, CANIFF Chic & Cool Canadian International Fashion Film Testimonial in 2021; Pitti Moda e Arte SSEINSE in 2020, Festival of Philosophies 2020-2021; Open ateliers Nieuwmarkt Amsterdam Municipality in 2018, Cairotronic Biennale in 2016 and 2018, in Egypt, Biennale del Sale in 2017 in Petralia Soprana, 25th Venice Architecture Biennale, Spazio Thetis by Gang City of the Polytechnic of Turin in 2016, Helsinki Pixelache Festival Art in 2016, Biennale Arte Donna of Trieste in 2017; BIAS - Biennial of Sacred Contemporary Art in 2016, 2018 and 2020, ABI exhibition of the Italian banks association; UNESCO collective DESS. Rosa Mundi has also taken care of the scenography of numerous theatrical works including the theatrical piece with the company of the Esoscheletri directed by the Director Sasà Neri in Judas the Guess and the work of Equestrian Theater The time of gameTraveling with Ulysses with interpreters such as Mario Bajardi, Salvo Piparo, Giuseppe Cimarosa and Michele Piccione.
From 23 April to 27 November 2022 Rosa Mundi participated in the Venice Biennale with the Pavilion of the Republic of San Marino at Palazzo Donà dalle Rose with her project Posology Humanity’s Time.