Cristiano Petrucci Italy, b. 1974


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"A work of art is pure mathematics, a continuous numerical process ... I don't think there is anything special about it, it represents a language that resides within our own system."

Cristiano Petrucci


Born in 1974. Lives and works in Rome, Italy.

If in a preliminary phase of Petrucci's art production he focuses on the research of language, communication and human expression, on a later phase his work is dominated by a process that regulate the unfolding of life in its primordial forms. Petrucci abandons the figurative to undertake a study that overturns the perspective of the observation, now turned to the internal structure of things thus the organic architecture of the matter.
The beginning of his artistic career sees the development of a phase linked to conceptual-pop, based on the semiotics of faces, on non-verbal communication that characterises the networks of the social media world. All this is made possible by the spherical shape of ping pong balls, a geometric element of purity that allows the artist to discuss the contemporary world. This modular element will be present throughout his artistic path as a unit of measurement on which the natural selection of form operates.
Petrucci's art can be interpreted in many different ways, his work presents a mysterious and interesting world which we cannot see with naked eye - atoms, molecules, cells, organisms.
The white spheres in his art are arranged like the atoms of a crystal structure or the real representation of a pollen grain or a colony of corals. The sculptor shows a world around us, which can be seen only under the microscope.
His artwork reminds us of an unicellar orgamism and makes us think of "birth springing from the depths of the ocean, before life found land." Some of his pieces resemble a virus, represented in very great detail - with its genetic material of DNA or RNA depicted with its coat and spikes.
In whatever way we interpret the art of Cristiano Petrucci, we feel the originality of the sculptor and he is very successful in provoking our imaginations.
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