Michele Ardu Italy, b. 1986


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“Beethoven said that music speaks.  

Critics try to explain everything that every song would like to tell us.[...] What nobody has ever shown us is the face of music. Not the soul, but its true aspect, its face, its expression and even its movements.[...] What the photographer Michele Ardu managed to capture with one click is the actual face of these songs. "     Nicola Pinna, La Stampa



Michele Ardu (Oristano, Italy, 1986) is an Italian artist active between Sardinia and London. His career began in the field of photography with prestigious collaborations both nationally and internationally, including National Geographic.
His first artistic-photographic research takes shape in "In Re Quieta", a collection of photographs that explores the nuances of the relationship between man and horse, capturing the different universes surrounding this age-old bond. Michele's work opens a window on that world that spans every social class and country in the World, ranging from ancient horseback riding traditions and rituals to the racetracks and stables of Royal families. This ever-evolving and growing work has been awarded, published and exhibited in major international exhibitions, including his solo show at the Italian Cultural Institute in London (Photo London 2018) and presentations at Palace House, the National Horseracing Museum in Newmarket (UK, 2019) and at ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, 2017).
Later, he focused on a more conceptual use of photography and, influenced by his University studies in Biomedical Engineering, Michele wanted to give an artistic answer to his questions related to human sensory limitations by portraying the forms of Sound. This artistic research, called MUSIC, is a collection of photographs of sounds and songs that allow the viewer to perceive the energy of music through the sense of sight and no longer of hearing. "The practical idea came by combining artistic emotionality with engineering logic, so I put at the centre of this study precisely the energy and emotion of sound, allowing it to express itself as a real sculptor. The works are in fact photographs of evanescent sculptures made from the sound waves of sounds and songs on a threadlike block of smoke, on which each sound can imprint and show its true form and image."
This collection embodies a strong spirit of social inclusion, opening the doors of sound experience even to those living with hearing difficulties. In the context of his solo exhibition "MUSIC" in Riyadh, the Italian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Roberto Cantone, shared in the columns of ArabNews his enthusiasm, "I am extremely happy that we had the opportunity to collaborate with Michele Ardu and to present his work for the first time in Saudi Arabia. He is an exceptionally talented artist and a shining example of the creativity and innovation that characterizes the Italian cultural scene."
The last jewel in Michele's journey is "AURUM URENS" (=Burning Gold), an intimate investigation aimed at raising awareness of the preciousness and fragility of nature. It is a collection of photographs and sculptures of wood and gold, made from authentic fragments of burned wood, collected and shaped after the passage of forest fires, a plague that plagues our planet. This work, with its metaphor of life and death, invites reflection on global climate change and embraces an important social commitment. 
Michele has exhibited his work in Italy, the United Kingdom, Russia, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, counting among his admirers private collectors who love photography and contemporary art, as well as members of royal families in the Middle East. "With a unique vision and surprising skill, Michele Ardu insinuates himself into the soul of the viewer, leaving a recognizable imprint on the contemporary art scene."