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“Beethoven said that music speaks.  
Critics try to explain everything that every song would like to tell us.[...]
What nobody has ever shown us is the face of music. Not the soul, but its true aspect, its face, its expression and even its movements.[...]
 What the photographer Michele Ardu managed to capture with one click is the actual face of these songs. " 

Nicola Pinna, La Stampa



Sardinia – 1986 


Michele Ardu is a London based Italian artist who uses photography to communicate with the World.  


"Each shape created by the sound lasts only one instant and it will never be perfectly identical to the others; it is like the moments of our life, sometimes they are similar one to another, but they are actually always new and different". 



At the early stage of his artistic career Michele gained great experience and international recognition by working with many top brands and magazines, having his work awarded and published worldwide.  


His first artistic photography research is “In Re Quieta”, a collection of images focused on the relationship between Man&Horse and the Worlds that surround this ancient romance. This work was also presented at Palace House, the National Museum of Horse Racing (Newmarket, UK), at ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre) and, during PhotoLondon 2018, at Italian Cultural Institute in London. 


With time, Michele developed a greater interest in a more conceptual use of the photography medium, so, influenced by his BSc background in Biomedical Engineering, he started experimenting and researching his way to break the limits of human senses. This work led him to MUSICA, a collection of Sound Portraits that allows the audience to experience Music and Sound via the sight sense instead of the hearing one: 


"The idea came to me by combining the artistic emotion with engineering logic. By intercepting the sound, before its energy is transformed or dispersed, I was sure I could witness the effects of the encounter of sound waves with a natural malleableelement. Because of its filiform nature, the smoke lends itself to the “music’s self-portrait”, like a statuary marble column in the hands of a sculptor". 


The idea is the same of a book that completes itself in the writer's mind. So it is with music and the shapes and figures that it presents. 


The difference and the evolution of the photographic communication in these two collections, show a high artistic versatility and a conceptual and contemporary approach to photography. 


Michele had his work exhibited in Italy, UK, Russia, Taiwain and UAE, and among his collectors there are private art lovers and Middle-Est Royal families members.