Attilio Quintili Italy

Since the early nineties, after obtaining a degree in Political Science from the University of Perugia, Attilio Quintili approached the field of ceramics by working in his mother’s factory, Anna Maria Veschini, which descended from of a family with a strong ceramic’s tradition in Deruta. In 1995 he learnt the technique of lustre and since then has made it own vehicle of expression to which he dedicates himself continuously experimenting with the artistic possibilities offered by iridescent ceramics.  At first, he rigorously applies the Lustro to Deruta's Renaissance designs, without sacrificing his own free interpretation, which characterized the beginning of his carrier. Then Quintili puts his technical expertise at the disposal to those who are interested in giving extra value to their ceramic works through the final intervention of the third fire.
Numerous and important collaborations were born from the union between artistic inspiration and technical ability, between Quintili and various artists such as: Bruno Ceccobelli, Carlo Dell'Amico, Andrea Fogli, Jack Sal, Gianni Moretti. Quintili's artistic career is significantly marked by the creation of the collective exhibition Spirituality and Matter (Deruta 2012) where he presented the installation Spirituality and Matter, the motif becomes from this moment on the fulcrum of his artistic research. In the same year, 2012, the artistic figure that will distinguish him later, the explosions, takes place; which is the explosions through controlled deflagrations, blocks of fresh clay, without any further intervention of the artist.
The particular artistic gesture that generates sculptures is presented to the public with the exhibition Terra di Rinascita (Perugia 2013) and sealed a few years later (Bianco Sporco, Faenza 2016) with a text by Enrico Crispoltiwhich was intrigued by this particular process. The artistic path does not restrain its versatility, in fact, it gave further impetus to the artistic cenacle “freemocco’s house”, a place of convivial aggregation and exposition open to all types of artists, which was born in 2007 and is still active today. The formula proposed by Quintili, organizer and promoter of these events, is always that of the evening-event that combines the convivial and playful to the cultural-artistic through exhibitions lasting one evening or performances performed during the event.
 Quintili pays particular attention to publishing with the production of artist's books presented at exhibitions in its freemocco's house, which in the meantime has become an association for social promotion. The artistic path evolves continuously but it is at the end of 2017 that Quintili presents in his studio the performance Inside, which marks another significant moment of his artistic research in the increasingly blurred border between the two sides of the same coin: Spirituality and Matter.
The solo exhibition entitled kauwa-auwa at the Archaeological Museum of Terni, curated by Lorenzo Fiorucci and Luca Pietro Nicoletti, marks another significant moment in Quintili's artistic career by presenting some new works born from the evolution of his artistic figure: the explosions.