Michal Jackowski Poland, b. 1978


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Classicism is the universal language of art, a timeless code.


Michał Jackowski, born in 1978 in Białystok (Poland), completed his art studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2003.
The artist has developed a unique style based on the classical canons of proportion and beauty (sectio aurea) established in both Greek and Roman antiquity, and adapted and interpreted in an excellent way in the Renaissance and Classicist periods, as well as in 19th century art. These ancient principles encapsulate the code of perfection and proportion, harmony and simplicity, logic of form and beauty of the human body. Jackowski skilfully combines classical forms with elements of contemporary experience, derived from the culture of consumerism and post-consumerism, with a focus on American pop art. His works are united by a universal language with current iconographic codes that refer to European and world art of the 21st century.
Both in the compositions that are part of the main series of Jackowski's artistic production, known under the title 'Antique Games', and in the more recent series from 2022 entitled 'In the Circle of Life', the Polish sculptor asks questions about the essential values of human life: the condition of man in the contemporary world, the connections and correlations between past and present, the relationships between people and the quality of these relationships, especially in the light of the eternal choices between the physical and spiritual dimensions.
Jackowski has his sculpture studio in Białystok (Poland). Besides Poland, he has exhibited his works in Florence, Rome, Como, Zurich, Basel, London, Miami, Bergamo, Milan, Büdelsdorf, Malta and The Hague. He has received numerous art awards, including: at the Florence Biennale in 2017; the Artroom Awards Competition in London in 2019; the Artrooms Fair in Rome (Premio Umberto Mortari); the 11th HELLHEAVEN ART GALLERY Award in 2019; the Białystok Mayor's Award for Outstanding Achievement in 2020. In 2022, Jackowski was honoured twice with the Audience Award at NordArt 2022 and NordArt 2023 in Büdelsdorf (Germany).
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