Endless and Street Art | Studio Aperto Mag | Italia 1

Eleonora Rossi Castelli | March 2022

Endless is a London-based artist, who blends together street and contemporary art. After 6 years of study, Endless graduated from Cambridge School Of Art, where he specialised in fine art and screen printing and it was shortly after this that he began using the streets of London as his canvas, to share his ideas with the world. The journey from street to gallery has seen Endless' reputation rise, capturing the attention of the art world, brands and the media alike.


Provocative and radical on his creation, Endless tells a story of our world giving an honest and philosophical description of our surroundings, exploring aspects of fashion, advertising and the filth of modern cultures. His work is neither positive, or negative in its outcome, allowing the viewer to determine their own perspective by interacting with hidden messages and the playful, alluring and opulent aesthetic.  


The logo "CHAPEL" is often found in Endless' work from the Deities collection (a series of paintings showcasing the contrast between old and modern-day symbols of worship), revealing his own take on the iconic Chanel No5 perfume. The name change in Endless' design represents society's brand-obsessed culture shift in one word, 'Chapel' - a world where brands are the new deities; shops are the new churches, glossy magazines are Bibles and celebrities, marketers and advertisers play the part of God. The gods in his works include industry legends like Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell.