Endless Self Portrait at the Uffizi Gallery

British artist, Endless celebrated featuring in Uffizi one of the world's most respected art museums. In doing so, he becomes the first ever street artist to be represented at the museum in its near half-century existence. The donation was made by Endless at the Vasari Auditorium, at an event attended by museum director Eike Schmidt and art critic Pasquale Lettieri. Discussing Endless’ donation, Eike Schmidt, Director of the Uffizi, said:: "In his art Endless proposes an original fusion between punk and pop, which in the self-portrait extends to conceptual art. Observing the historical collections of the Uffizi, how the Medici Grand Dukes were eager to grab the latest news - even the most daring - produced on the artistic scene, I think today they would be happy to see the work of Endless enter the collections that they have with such care started and increased, centuries ago".