La Mendicante

Michele Tombolini

Is thIs beggar, wearing designer clothes either a forged poor woman that tries to gain compassion, or a new poor?

This is the social theme addressed by Venetian artist Michele Tombolini with his new installation "La Mendicante" (The Beggar), which was created for the occasion of the Opening of the Venice Biennale 2019 with the aim of raise awareness on the sensitive theme of the New Poverty. . The project is realized in a preliminary interactive phase with "The Beggar" an installation in which Michele Tombolini places a mannequin, that impersonates the Beggar, in different locations around the centre of the City of Venice, and a second phase that will take place in Ca' Zanardi Palace with an exhibition and a video projection that will showcase the reactions of the passer-by people in relation to the installation "The Beggar" which focus on raising awareness on the theme of the New Poverty; the exhibition is curated in collaboration with Contini Contemporary Gallery London.