Endless permitted creates an artwork on a ex-Yugoslavian navy submarine

British artist, Endless painted a decommissioned military submarine, situated in the Balkan’s country, Montenegro. The artist was permitted to create the artwork for a 50-meter long ex-Yugoslavian navy submarine, which is today owned and maintained by the Montenegrin Naval Heritage Collection, located in the region of Tivat. The submarine, named ‘Hero’, has a rich history. It first took to the ocean in 1967 during the Croatian War of Independence, serving 23 years before being decommissioned in 1991. During its operation, it conducted 726 days of days of navigation, as many as 910 dives and totalled 46,659 nautical miles. This is the equivalent of two circumnavigations around the globe. To celebrate the Hero’s heritage, Endless sprayed the side of the submarine with the title ‘Endless X Hero’ serving as a bold reminder of its mission. The text was sprayed in Endless’ signature font.Talking of the work, Endless said: ‘It’s not every day that you are asked to paint something of such scale as well as cultural and historical significance. Being up close and personal to the submarine, you feel the serious and imposing figure it casts. It’s mission and purpose of existence become very vivid in your mind. I wanted the work I did to reflect this emotion and as such created something simple yet solemn, emblematic of the submarine's history. I am always happy to bring my work to a new canvas and in turn, a new audience. The Endless X Hero instalment is available to see from late-August to late-September. The project was organised by Cris Contini Contemporary, Endless’ management representatives. The work formed part of a larger project across Montenegro, which saw Endless launch a new exhibition, titled, ‘Endless In Montenegro - The Story From Street To Canvas’, in the Porto Montenegro marina. The exhibition - running until November 2021 - features some of the artist's most popular works, including Lizzy Vuitton, iconic Chapel paintings, as well as a unique painting of Jelena Of Montenegro, commonly referred to as Queen Elena of Italy.