Botticelli meets Fabergé: ROBODRONE

Cris Contini Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present a unique digital interactive exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Robodrone, a successful songwriter/producer. Robodrone's new class of social media enabling artworks, reflects, expresses and celebrates the transformative social changes of the ongoing new Cultural Revolution. The "Hashtag Queens throne" is a new artform that invites the visitor to step up onto the throne to create Instaperformance based art that is shared simultaneously with people in the immediate vicinity as well as around the world via selfies and video snaps multicast onto Social Media accounts of friends and others for comment and feedback. Hashtag Queens throne is the first example of where art is not a traditional top-down, vertical but rather a horizontal, interactive and contributive experience.

Robodrone's innovative artwork has already been acknowledged by the largest and most important social media companies in the world. It was on loan to Twitter in 2018 and now to Facebook in 2019.