Colur in Optical - 50 YEARS OF PAINTING: Ferruccio Gard

El Chico Museum, Bogotà 16 May - 16 June 2019 
El Chico Museum, Bogotà from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10AM to 5PM



curated by Bruno D'Amore


 Ferruccio Gard, one of the masters and precursors of Programmed and Optical-kinetic art, brings from Venice, Italy a carefully selection of his works to EL CHICO 'Museum in Bogotá, to celebrate 50 years of painting and Optical art.


The anthological exhibition is organized by the Italian Cultural Institute of Bogotà with the curation of Bruno D'Amore, Art Critic (member since 1977 of the Association International des Critiques d'Art) and internationally renowned Mathematician and Professor at the Doctorado Interinstitucional en Educación of the Universidad Francisco José de Caldas of Bogotá.


The event is proposed as an intense and vital dialogue between the museum permanent art collection, the spaces of the EL CHICO 'Museum and the art of Ferruccio Gard, one of the leading personality of the Italian Optical-Constructivist art. In this exhibition the artist is showcasing his historical works dated from 1969, a selection of his latest production and some brand new abstract-kinetic plexiglass sculptures.

Ferruccio Gard, who exhibited in seven editions of the International Biennial of Venice, at the XI National Rome Quadrennial and held 170 solo exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world, is acknowledged  as one of the masters and precursors of Optical-kinetic international's researches which have seen, in recent years, an important revival in terms of art critics and public response.


With their weaving of geometries and chromatic intersections, Gard's artworks aim to carefully enter in the museum's spaces in order to create a direct and strong link with its own collections.

Gard's work belongs to the noble Italian and international art lineage that starts from Futurism, where research on abstract art and on the geometrization of painting has been combined with the first kinetic experiences.

The vibration of Gard's painting, his illusive depths and his compositional rigor will thus be able to compose an intense and vital likening with the EL CHICO 'Museum, in an interesting dialogue between history and contemporaneity based on colour, geometry and luminous pulsation of its dynamic weaves.

The Museum,  an elegant example of colonial architecture, exhibits a prestigious collection of art and antiques, from pre-Columbian ceramics, to furniture, porcelain, Deco vases and paintings by Colombian and international artists, with particular reference to the 18th Century.





curated by Bruno D'Amore

16 May - 16 June 2019

El Chico Museum, Bogotà

ExhibitionOpening Thursday 16th May at 6.30PM

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10AM to 5PM