ArteJeans: The project to promote the Genoese origins of jeans

Palazzo Tursi and Villa Croce Museum, Genova Italy 29 September 2020 - 17 January 2021 
Palazzo Tursi and Villa Croce Museum, Genova Italy

"GenovaJeans", the project to promote the Genoese origins of jeans.

The project will be presented on October 3 at Palazzo Tursi, in Genova, Italy and the 23 works on Candiani jeans canvas created by Italian artists - involved by the London Jeans Art Association - will also be exhibited in preview at the Villa Croce Museum, and they will be donated to the city in view of the future Museum of Jeans.


This will be followed by a "dress code jeans" charity event organized by Ambassadors of Genoa in the World, the Rava Foundation and St. George's Club of London.


Press and companies will be invited to the presentation.


The history of jeans begins in Genoa in the twelfth century, when the first fabrics were dyed with indigo. Since the 1400s, Genoa has been producing beautiful and resistant fabrics that conquer the European market. The Genoese moleskin - appreciated in England for its good quality / price ratio - takes the name of “Jean” or “Jeans” from the “Gênes” written on the packaging. Even then this fabric was used in Genoa for the work clothes of the port camalli.


The great popular explosion of jeans took place in the United States from the mid-nineteenth century, but it was again thanks to the creativity of the Italians that in the 1960s it became a fashionable garment.


"We are working on a very ambitious project to promote the" Genoese "nature of Jeans, that is the Genoese origins of the most pop and funky material in the world - explains the City Council spokesman on large scale events, trade and craftsmanship Paola Bordilli - The initiatives we are structuring will go to affirm more and more, precisely through jeans, the roots and identity of Genoa, but also the pride of know-how and the industriousness of the Genoese people. A great event that will involve the entire city and every sector at 360 degrees: a citizen pride to show to the world. I thank early on all those who are working on this important project for Genoa in a logic of synergy and collaboration».