TYPEWRITER : Renato Meneghetti

30 October 2019 - 30 January 2020 


Art of mechanics and object of consumption in the art world.

Typewriter is the new exhibition at Contemporaryarte PANCALDI, a review of ancient typewriters by several artists such as Renato Meneghetti that with works of different techniques ranging from painting to collage, from photography to photographic processes bring the obsolete objects to a new life, generating an admirable combination of Art and Technology.


The Typewriter presence in everyday life is such that it can also be found in works of art, taking on the role of symbol of the epochal turning point that came with the advent of industrial civilization on a par with the automobile. But unlike the latter, if at first it was unsuccessful on the altar of the futurist and futuristic conquered speed, over time it will continue unabated to conquer more and more space. 


Since the early twentieth century, the interest of many artists of different nationalities, fields of action and different thoughts has been recorded, but all with the typewriter at the center of their works. Different roles for a common object that is deployed with equal importance in both figurative and conceptual works, both painted and sculpted, or the object of installations such as performances and actions. Ready-made object assumed as an icon rather than inserted as a mere presence in a mechanical neo-futurist context of fascinating obsolescence. 


The camera body does not cease to lose vitality even obsolete, now-out dated, scrapped, even the trash image of the find has a shoulder in the photographers to continue to be protagonist beyond their functional life. 


Even entering the third millennium we continue to find interesting works that are slowly moving away from the vision of what it was, changing into works that are increasingly closer to the world of computing.



30th October 2019- 30th january 2020

at Contemporaryarte PANCALDI

ROMA- Italy