ARTREE: Omar Galliani, Michelangelo Galliani, Massimiliano Galliani

12 October - 12 December 2019 
Free Entrance from 10.30AM to 1.00PM and from 4.30PM to 7.30PM

Where Burri was born, where the young Raffaello made his first steps, Galleria delle Arti in Cittá di Castello (PG) directed by Luigi Amadei since 1976, is presenting from the 12 October to the 12 of December 2019, ARTREE.

This exhibition is a tribute to Galliani family, one of the most important family in the creative scenary in Italy.


Curated by Gian Ruggero Manzoni with artworks by Omar Galliani, Michelangelo Galliani and Massimiliano Galliani, where also are exhibiting the jewelry of Laura Intilia Galliani. The exhibition will be launched the 12 of October 2019 at 18.00.


The title ARTREE is referring to the Art, the number three and the tree (“albero” in Italian) which symbolizes the life, where everything born and simulacrum “di Genius Loci”.

This exhibition is collecting a recently selection of artworks made by the three author, united by using gold, which means “Epifania del Sacro”.


“History of Art” – said the curator- is not new to the wealthy family groups with a passion for art, we can mention others families  such as Carracci, I Della Robbia, Gentileschi, Campi, Brueghel, Cadorin (architects, restorers, sculptors, painters, cabinetmakers, photographers)Alinari, Bicci, Cascella, Francken, and then Tiepolo, father and sons, which are related to Guardi family, or Canaletto  and Bellotto, uncle and nephew, up to the Longhi family, father and son, and Pomodoro etc. We already been knowing about Omar Galliani and his artistic path, then, handed down to his two sons. In Omar graphite, charcoal, gold foil, precious elements, organic and inorganic elements, live together, making him one of the important interpreters of design in Italy.

The spirituality in Omar is a “feeling”, which goes beyond the matter, in the way that the matter become, exclusively, the instrument for which the transcendence can be universe of intimate emotions, giving us the sensation of substance and existential satiety.

For Michelangelo Galliani the sculpture is the “ medium”, through the sculpture the artist is explaining how we have to behave today with the new technological world and the “speed of our life”, and also with the loss of ideality and identity.

The title of the work, which he exhibited, is already a declaration of poetry: “Lassú”, with a raised index finger which means the beginning and the end, which also remind us to Leonardo.

On the contrary Massimiliano Galliani faces theme of elevation (closed to the saga about “l’Albero della Vita”) reporting the route of rivers of importance, using gold with black background or ink on Chinese paper.

The rivers are meaning the original source, where the holy water is welling naturally. In the rivers we received the baptism and into them our journey goes since ever and forever.


One of the artworks of Massimiliano Galliani presented on the exhibition –“Tevere” (2017)- is related to the history of Cittá di Castello, marking out, with gold leaf, the path of the major river located in central Italy. The water is the metaphor of life, today, probably, more precious than gold.


The exhibition, carry out with patronage of  Comune di Cittá di Castello and Foundation Cassa di Risparmio Cittá di Castello,  Rotary Club Cittá di Castello and Petruzzi Editorial, will be open to visitors from 10.30-13.00 and 16.30-19.30. Free entrance. More info: T. +39 0758558918, M. +39 337639963,,