Sensitive Surfaces Workshop: ministered by the Italian sculptor Michelangelo Galliani

June 29, 2019
Cris Contini Contemporary, 15-16 Brook's Mews London FREE REGISTRATION REQUIRED 3:00PM - 5:00PM

Following the opening of Michelangelo Galliani’s solo exhibition “Sensitive Surfaces” on 28th July and in occasion of the Mayfair Art Weekend Event, Cris Contini Contemporary is pleased to host on Saturday 29th July, at its gallery, 15-16 Brook’s Mews - Mayfair - London, a sculpture workshop ministered by the Italian sculptor Michelangelo Galliani

The workshop will initiate with an introduction on the production of sculptures and the steps taken by the artist from the artistic inspiration up until the final execution of an art piece.

Galliani will, for the first time, showcase in public some of his “working in progress” pieces (still on their initial phases of execution). The artist will talk through the process of working on marble sculptures: detailing the manual carving techniques, skill and the tools needed to realise the work. The public will be able to physically feel the texture of Michelangelo Galliani’s worked pieces and ask questions about his work and artistic production.


Sensitive Surfaces Workshop

+ Afternoon tea

29th June 2019

from 3:00PM to 5 :00PM

at Cris Contini Contemporary Art Gallery


Free registration Required

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